CEO Message

Quality is one of the most important elements to determine the future prospects of business. We have been put great emphasis on the quality level of our services. So we are one of the top quality services providers in Pakistan. We believe, “Better quality with economy, higher the demand will be for our and services”, both nationally and internationally. Hence improvement in the quality leads to increased demand, which ultimately leads to higher GNP. I think, only those entrepreneurs can survive which compete on the basis of consumer preferences, in turn based on quality and design, rather than price only. This always required improvement in services, good marketing, and compliance of social standards. With our broad future outlook has done a tremendous job for promotion of high quality services in the field of travel and tourism. Our young, energetic and well experienced team continuously working to make its Services as good as the consumer can expect.

Thanks with Best Regard!

Atiq ur Rehman

Chief Executive

Bait ul Mamoor Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd