Hajj / Umrah Guidelines


Before setting out on the wonderful journey of Hajj or Umrah, it is important to be prepared so that you can make the most of this auspicious opportunity.

Remember to Pack

* An Ihraam – For men this is 2 plain white cotton sheets worn during Hajj / Umrah

* Comfortable, loose summer (but modest) clothing – it is warm to hot throughout the year

* Comfortable sandals / flip-flops / beach sandals – easy to wear/remove and store

* Sunglasses / Prescription Glasses (if required)

* A folding umbrella to block direct heat from the sun – especially during summer months

* Any medication you normally/regularly take (with a doctors certificate)

* A belt style wallet to keep money / documents close to you at all times


* Religious Books / Guidance / Duas’s

General advice regarding Hajj and Umrah


With millions of pilgrims visiting Makkah and Medina every year, facilities are now better than ever. It is very different to the Hajj or Umrah that our grandparents performed. Authorities work hard to make your pilgrimage as easy as possible. There are many free shower & washroom facilities. Cold water for drinking is easily accessible.. Restaurants provide foods to cater for tastes from all around the world. Hotels offer all the luxuries you need to recooperate any lost energy. Transport is on par with what you would expect from any major city.


The climate ranges from between warm to very hot, depending on the time of year. There is very little rainfall. For this reason it is always best to think “Summer” when packing.


Although the authorities of Saudi Arabia do an excellent job in ensuring the Hajj and Umrah experience is as easy as possible, the pilgrimage itself is quite demanding and involves quite a lot of physical exhertion. It is always best to perform Hajj or Umrah when in generally good physical condition. If you require medication then you should take ample supplies with you, along with a doctors certificate for these. As with any trip abroad, it is highly recomended to take out travel insurance to cover you for any unforseen circumstances.


Remember what you are there for and try to spend as much of your time in the remembrance of Allah SWT. Engage in recitation and dua – or in trying to attain as much knowledge as you can about the beauty of Islam whilst you are in this very special place. This way you will get the most rewarding experience for your pilgrimage.